Issue: 23. 03. 2023
Information: SAWA Flächendesinfektion
Certificate status valid certificate available
Field of application Surface Disinfection
Active ingredient Chlorabspaltende Verbindung(en)
Individual active ingredient (quantity/product) Aktivchlor, freigesetzt aus hypochloriger Säure 0,09% / 100 ml
Self-declared regulatory status according to owner of certificate No self-declaration on the regulatory status provided by owner of certificate
Type of surface disinfectant Disinfectant wipes without specified wipe material
Remark Period of use: 6 months after production Minimum chlorine content: 398 ppm pH-value: 6,1 - 6,38

Type of application

Surface Disinfection
Mechanical Action Conditions Contact time (min)
with without clean dirty 1 5 15 30 60 240
Bactericidal/ Yeasticidal X X konz.

Company information

Owner of certificate
Industriepark 2
A-9330 Althofen